51cm New Old Stock 1970s Motobecane 'Modele Diffusion'



We had a very rare opportunity to pick up a batch of new old stock Motobecane & Gitane bicycles STILL IN THEIR WRAPPING! Seriously.

Here are three late 1970s Motobecane Modele Diffusions we snapped up, avilable in 3 sizes: 51cm, 53cm & 57cm (only 1 x 51cm left now!) - all built from 'Fully lugged 2040 High Resiliency Tubing' with a classy silver enamel finish. With a classic Huret gearset & a beautiful 3-arm Nervar crankset, braking courtesy of CLB and finished with a so typically French Atax stem & steel bar combo, plus a super comfy Motobecane Touring saddle.

This really is a rare opportuniy to own a completely unused vintage French bike from the 70s! The only thing left to choose is your colour of bar tape - we thought we'd leave that decision up to you...

Seat Tube: 51cm (ctc) Top Tube: 51cm (ctc)
Tubing: 2040 High Resiliency Gears: 10