Vintage Steel Bike Frames For Sale

We just added a few luuurvley steel road bike frames to the site, including some real gems. 6 new vintage bicycle frames added, including a rather rare 1972 Gazelle Champion Mondial, a 1950s classic British Viking and a stupendously rare 1950s Marceau vintage French number. Most of the new batch are built from either Reynolds 531 or Columbus tubing, and although these are all technically road bike frames, they can also be used as singlespeed or fixie frames as they all feature horizontal dropouts. If you plan on using one of these frames to build a vintage fixie, look out for long rear dropouts, the longer the better as it allows more movement when trying to get the ideal chain tension.

You can see the new vintage bike frames and the rest, here.

Pedal Pedlar
Pedal Pedlar


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