Officially a London Bike Shop

by Pedal Pedlar March 21, 2015

It only took 4 years. From being hidden away in the back of The Peanut Vendor, to finally having our very own shop front. It took us a while to get our new branding finalised & even longer to fit the full metal signage. A feat that turned out to be way more ambitious than we ever thought, but we got it done in the end, and we're oh so happy with it. We can finally proudly consider ourself an official part of the London bike shop circuit and no longer a hidden little room that nobody knows about.

The shop front is still not finished, we have outdoor lighting, plantlocks, hanging plants and some outdoor seating to add still, but the initial branding is finally down so at long last people might stop asking if we sell bikes (this happens a lot more than you can ever imagine). By the summer we will definitely have it all finished, creating a nice place for our customers and friends alike to hang out in some wonderful North/East London sunshine (we hope).

We'd like to say a special thanks to our very good friend, Christian Ashton for his amazing design work on our re-brand (lots more to come with this), and also Rob of Loire Design for a ridiculous amount of hours helping us install the facia, prepping & painting the front (with some very frustrating hiccups along the way overcome), but more importantly for such finesse with his sign-writing (and his balancing on ladder skills), it really is to a very high standard, exactly what we needed.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling on now. Next up is the rest of the shop display, we're currently finishing off our bespoke display cabinets, absolute beasts at 3.5 metres long & 2 metres high, these will house all of the small to medium sized vintage parts that have been sat in boxes for the last 4 years. We'll have finished photos of the wonderfully stocked cabinets next week for you.

So, things are finally starting to come together. Here are a few photos we managed to grab from the sign-writing process :)

If you haven't visited the shop then do come over and say hello. Over the next month or two we'll be getting more & more lovely bits on display, and we're also constantly bringing in some really interesting bits at the moment. Very exciting times.


Pedal Pedlar
Pedal Pedlar


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