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Just 4 days ago we were up in Warwickshire for this year's Iconoclassic classic MTB show, admiring some of the most spectacular mountain bikes ever produced (more on that in our next article...). Rewind a couple more days and we were in the studio photographing Pedal Pedlar's 1st ever vintage MTB that will soon be for sale (those who follow us on instagram will have seen a sneak preview of this already - if you don't follow us, you should do so here).

Then this happens.

Chris Akrigg teams up with Mongoose and makes this rad video. It's as if they made it for us.

Thanks guys...

Three Freebees

The bike you see in the video is a modern homage to the original Mongoose ATB from 1995. Strictly limited to just five bikes,Chris Akrigg obviously got one, Mongoose get one for keepers (selfish) & the remaining 3 are up for grabs directly from Mongoose here.

The 1985 version was originally built around a chromoly frame, with a scratch-proof chrome finish, a huge range (lol) 15-speed drivetrain with a 1:1 low range gear. With lightweight rims normally only available to pros & classic 'skinwall' tires that back then seemed like monsters. Now not so much.

The new version still features a skinny chromoly frame with chrome finish. Plus thumbies, cantis, foam grips & skinwall tyres. A proper homage with a few modern twists.

Mongoose Retro ATB Bike as seen in Chris Akrigg's New Video
So head over to the Mongoose here for a chance to win & if you didn't watch the video above, you should do that right now.

Wayne Blenkin
Wayne Blenkin


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