R.I.P. Luciano Berruti - Mr. L’Eroica & A Whole Lot More

Luciano Berruti 1943 - 2017 - Cycle Enthusiast, Ex-Racer, All-Round Amazing Man

A hero has left us :(

Yesterday, on Sunday 13th August 2017, news travelled around the world that Luciano Berruti, the famous face of L’Eroica, sadly passed away whilst out cycling on the road to Melogno, near his home town of Cosseria in Savona, Italy.

In recent years Luciano became synonymous with the global Eroica events, but the charismatic man was much more than just that.

Heroic bicycle collector, museum owner, off-road racer, family man. Those are some of the many hats he wore, but most importantly he became famous, specifically in the world of vintage cycling, for his dazzling charm & infectious passion for the sport. Spotted at pretty much every classic cycle event in the global calendar, his dedication to our world was unparalleled, and that gigantic grin is pretty much impossible to miss on the social media accounts of vintage bike enthusiasts around the globe.

His Museum, Museo Della Bicicletta in Cosseria, is home to over 100 ‘heroic’ bicycles, including his very own 1907 Peugeot which accompanied the great man for many of his cycling adventures. The museum exists purely as a means to share his passion to honour the history of cycling, and is also full of iconic cycling paraphernalia such as team cycling jerseys worn by cycling legends Francesco Moser & Gino Bartali, who kindly donated them to Luciano & his museum.

Little was often said about Luciano’s racing history, which included around 450 victories on the Italian Cyclocross & MTB circuit. There are too many to list, which speaks volumes, but you can see the full list over on the Museo Della Bicicletta website

The vintage cycling world has no doubt lost an icon, and Luciano will be missed from this day on, but his passion will forever live on, with his family, in our memories and in photos everywhere.

R.I.P. Luciano.

Photo by Michael Drummond Photography, taken at Eroica Britannia 2016.

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Paul Whitcomb
Paul Whitcomb

May 23, 2018

Thank you for remembering Mr. Berruti in your thoughtful story. Thanks, also, for including a link to his museum. He is truly an inspiration.

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