Xmas Gift Guide for Cyclists - The Vintage Edition Pt 1

It's almost Christmas time again, and this one comes at a time when we're incredibly well stocked up with vintage goods. This means that writing a gift guide is actually incredibly tricky as there's so much to choose from. We managed it of course, but it's worth having a good browse through the whole site as there are so many unique products that would make excellent gifts that haven't made it into the gifts section.

So without further ado, here's some gift-giving inspiration for Xmas 2017 :) 

1 - 1980s Milk Race Board Game

1980s Milk Race Board Game by Jason Games at Pedal Pedlar Vintage Cycling

We only have one of these, so it may well be sold out by the time you click on the link, but we had to kick-off with this. We all know Christmas isn't complete without a good old fashioned game of Milk Race. We're on the hunt for some more so who knows, it may come back in stock before the big day.

2 - Genuine Vintage Cycling Caps

Vintage Team & Replica Cycling Caps at Pedal Pedlar Vintage Bicycles

Cycling caps have always been one of our best selling products. We have a huge range of replica caps in various team designs, but this year we've been blessed with a range of unique caps that are genuine old ones. Some from famous teams, some from random clubs, all awesome and guaranteed to impress the recipient. Head (sorry) over to the caps section to see our full range of over 150 different designs.

3 -Vittoria Handmade Italian Cycling Shoes

Our best selling cycling shoe, and a firm favourite with the Pedal Pedlar staff. Handmade in Italy to replicate the design of their original shoes from 30 years ago, but now using modern materials. The upper is made from microfibre whilst the sole is stiff nylon. Available with a choice of soles; the classic 3-hole version to fit Look & Shimano clipless pedals or to take the cleats supplied to fit normal quill pedals, or the modern recessed SPD version to take Shimano MTB-type pedals.

4 - Pelago Multi-Tools

Pelago Model 8 & 12 Multitools at Pedal Pedlar

These handy little multi-tools from Pelago of Helsinki are things of beauty. They come in 2 sizes; Model 8 featuring allen keys & screwdrivers & Model 12 with the added bonus of a corkscrew, bottle opener & spoke keys. The tools themselves are of the highest quality, and the wood finish is exquisite. A great present for anyone who owns a bike and/or a bottle of wine.

5 - Retro Reynolds Tubing T-Shirts

Retro Reynolds 531 & 753 Tubing T-Shirts at Pedal Pedlar

New for 2017, we have a nice little range of tees from the Reynolds tubing guys. Available in 3 different designs, with the option of printed or embroidered badge, these are definitely great gifts for any steel bike enthusiast. 

6 - New Old Stock Chainstay Protectors

Vintage Chainstay Protectors at Pedal Pedlar Vintage Cycling - Rare & Unique Xmas Gifts

These Campag chrome-effect chainstay protectors have been one of our best sellers of 2017. We bought a huge batch of them, new old stock and still have a plentiful supply. A real thoughtful and rare gift that will stick on to any bike. We also have plain ones, Gios ones & the classic 1990s Shimano Deore XT Shark Fins for the retro MTB fans.

7 - Vintage Team Cycling Jerseys

Genuine Team Vintage Cycling Jerseys at Pedal Pedlar Classic Bicycles

One for the special ones. As with the caps, we're in a very lucky position this year to have so many genuine vintage jerseys. Some really rare team ones if you want to impress on another level, but we also have a huge range of plain ones and local team jerseys too. If you're unsure of their size, kidnap their favourite jersey for an afternoon and compare the measurements with ours. They'll be even more impressed to find it fits like their favourite jersey.

8 - Campagnolo 'Big' Corkscrew

Campagnolo Big Corkscrew in Silver or Bronze at Pedal Pedlar

Q) What do you give to the person who has everything?

A) The Campagnolo 'Big' Corkscrew.

If they already have one of these then you may as well give in. The Campagnolo corkscrew is an amazing thing. Excessive, sure, but it's a sure-fire show-stopper, and one that will most certainly light up any cyclist's eyes when they unwrap this beast on christmas day.

9 - Reynolds 753 Tubing Mugs

Reynolds 753 Tubing Mugs For Sale at Pedal Pedlar London

More new goodies from Reynolds Tubing. These mugs would make great stocking fillers as not only can you fill them with more stuff before wrapping, they're also shatterproof so there's no chance of anybody unwrapping a broken present. Featuring the famous Reynolds 753 logo, these babies are available in black or white.

10 - Retro Cycling Socks

Retro Cycling Socks in 4 Designs at Pedal Pedlar

No christmas list would be complete without socks, and as far as we know these are only available at Pedal Pedlar. Designed with a retro feel, they're made from a comfy cotton/poly blend & come in 2 sizes with a choice of 4 designs, including a snazzy King of the Mountains polka-dot option which is probably our favourite.

Hopefully those suggestions have inspired you. Guess we better do some christmas shopping ourselves. Depending how that goes, we may have another 10 for you next week (don't hold your breath).

All these items are available in our London shop located at 106 Balls Pond Road, N1 4AG. Or we can ship worldwide:


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