Regina Extra Corsa (50) Black Vintage 5/6 Speed Chain

✓ Original part - produced in the 1980s
✓ Suitable for historic cycling events such as L'Eroica
✓ Professionally checked, cleaned & re-lubricated
✓ Worldwide shipping

Regina Extra Corsa chain, hailing from Italy and in production during the 1980s. Made from steel and weighing in at 340 grams. A fine choice for keeping your vintage bike authentic, but also great for any other compatible bike.

If you're taking part in L'Eroica, Anjou Velo, Velo Retro or another similar vintage cycling event, this is fully compliant - so rest assured, the pre-1987 police won't lock you up for having the wrong chain!

The chain's been examined for wear, thoroughly cleaned and degreased, then freshly lubricated and graded as mint condition, but do take a good look at the detailed photos so you can see the cosmetic condition before you buy. Chain stretch for this one comes in at less than 1/64” (barely used), measured by hand as this is the most accurate method, and although it’s impossible to be exact it gives a good indication of how much use a chain has had.

Please consider that chains do wear at the same rate as the sprockets they were originally used with, and when partnered with different ones they can on rare occasions skip. This can usually be avoided by using compatible sprockets with a similar amount of wear as the chain, but there is no way for us to confirm which combination will work before trying.


Condition - Mint
Model ID - 50
Production Era - 1980s
Country - Italian
Material - Steel
Weight - 340 g
Stock Code - U-CHN47V


Optimal Speed* - 6 Speed, 5 Speed, Up to 4 Speed (3/32")
Shifting System(s) - Friction (Non-Index)
Outer Width - 8.1 mm
Cog Width - 3/32" (Standard)
Pitch - 1/2" (Standard)
Number of Links - 106
Chain Stretch - Less Than 1/64” (Barely Used)

*See help section.


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Optimal Speed - the ideal number of rear cogs, based on the outer width of the chain and the cog width it was designed for. For 6 Speed Shimano Uniglide a 5/6 spd chain will perform best.

Shifting System(s) - indexed shifters 'click' when you change gear. For 9 speed upwards (or Suntour Accushift), to guarantee the best performance we recommend using the dedicated chain. Otherwise, for 8 speed and below, or any speed when using friction shifting (non-index), you just need the correct outer width.

Outer width - measured across the rivets at the widest point, these are the approximate widths for different speed setups (up to 4 speed is also dependent on cog width):

Speed Outer Width
2 to 4 Speed (1/8”) 8.5 to 9.5 mm
Up to 6 Speed (3/32”) 7.8 to 8.0 mm
7 Speed / ‘Narrow’ 6 Speed 7.3 mm
8 Speed / ‘Narrow’ 7 Speed 7.0 to 7.3 mm
9 Speed 6.5 to 6.7 mm

Cog Width - the gap between the inner plates allows for different rear cog/sprocket widths. 3/32" is the standard for 5 to 8 speed, above that it’s 11/128”. For 4 speed or less, 3/32” and 1/8” were both used, for the latter you will need a 1/8” chain. A wider 3/16" moped chain can be used as a heavy duty opton for single cog setups if required).

Chain pitch - the distance between the rivets/pins. All chains will be 1/2" with two exceptions; 3/16" (“inch pitch”) for very early track bikes, or Shimano's short lived 10 mm pitch system from the 70s/80s.

Number of links - if you're unsure how many you need, measure your old chain (each link has two rivets) or one with a similar setup to yours.