Shimano 600 Arabesque c.1983 Vintage Rear Derailleur

Pedal Pedlar


For indexed gear systems you should match the rear mech to your shifters, ie; 6 speed Shimano SIS rear derailleurs should be used with 6 speed Shimano SIS shifters.

Max cog size refers to the size of the largest cog on your freewheel or cassette. If your largest cog size is greater than the max cog size below, this rear mech may not be able to make it into largest cog.

Please refer closely to the detailed photographs & technical information below to avoid any issues.


Shift Type: Friction
Speed: 5, 6 or 7 Speed
Body Condition: Very Good
Jockey Wheel Condition: Good
Max Cog Size: 28 Tooth