Unknown Weinman Style Drilled Vintage Brake Levers



Non-Aero cable routing allows the cables to come out of the top of the brake levers, aero routing sends the cables under the handlebar tape.

Most drop bar brake levers will have a clamp size of between 23.8 - 24.2mm and will fit most drop handlebars, the exception generally being older British & French handlebars that sometimes require a 22.2mm clamp size.

Flat bars (such as Risers, French Porteur bars, Moustache bars etc) will require the correct clamp size to match (usually either 22.2mm or 23.8mm).

Please check the photos & table below for sizings & condition.


Cable Routing: Non-Aero
Clamp Size: 23.8mm
Body Condition: Good


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