Zeus 2000 Titanium Bolt Drilled Vintage Rear Derallieur



Iconic & super rare rear derailleur, a big rival to the Super Record by Campagnolo, and a big step for Zeus who, prior to the Zeus 2000 groupset, purely produced products based on designs by Campagnolo.

One of the most beautiful pieces of cycling equipment you will ever see.

If your gear system is indexed (clicking between gear shifts), it's best to stick to the same brand rear derailleur as your gear levers.

Rear mechs designed for friction shifting can accept a variety of speed freewheels as long as the largest cogs are not too big for the rear derailleur. We are happy to help if you need any advice on compatibility.

We grade our rear derailleurs by the general aesthetic of the bodies and also by the condition of the jockey wheels. Please refer to the detailed photographs & information below.


Shift Type: Friction 
Speed: 4 - 7 Speed
Body Condition: Very Good
Jockey Wheel Condition: Very Good
Year of Manufacture: 1970s (late)