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Bike Porn of The Week #1: '78 Kessels Merckx

March 28, 2015

We used to post lots of sexy bike porn on various channels a long time ago, and we decided it's time to resurrect it. So, we're going to aim to post a new sensual slice of bike porn every day on here, with our own contribution available for sale once a week.

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Officially a London Bike Shop

March 21, 2015

Pedal Pedlar - North/East London Bike Shop

It only took 4 years. From being hidden away in the back of The Peanut Vendor, to finally having our very own shop front. It took us a while to get our new branding finalised & even longer to fit the full metal signage. A feat that turned out to be way more ambitious than we ever thought, but we got it done in the end, and we're oh so happy with it. We can finally proudly consider ourself an official part of the London bike shop circuit and no longer a hidden little room that nobody knows about.

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