Christmas Gifts for Cyclists Part 1

Christmas Gifts for Cyclists Part 1

by Pedal Pedlar November 16, 2016

We held off as long as we could, but decided it's finally time to don the santa hat & give you some gift-giving inspiration. For our 1st instalment we've picked 10 of our favourite items, all of which we'd certainly be happy unveiling on the big day.

Of course we have a more extensive gift section too if you fancy a proper browse, but for now here's our top 10 (in no particular order)...

1 - Rustines - The Original Patch Kit

Rustines Classic Puncture Repair Kits at Pedal Pedlar

Literally the original puncture repair kit. Louis Désiré Auguste Rustin was the inventor of the patch kit all the way back in 1846. These are hands down the most reliable puncture kits money can buy, due to the rubber patches being being thick, flexible & stretchy. They also win the award for best patch kit packaging, which we all know is important when buying christmas gifts, and at £6 a pop they're the perfect stocking filler.

2 - Campagnolo Workshop Apron

Campagnolo Denim Workshop Apron at Pedal Pedlar

For something that's inevitably going to get dirty, these mechanics aprons from Campagnolo are possibly too beautiful. We're not complaining though. The quality is top-notch, as you'd expect from the Italian giants, and who's to say you can't look good whilst getting dirty. If you know anyone who likes to tinker, this is the one.

3 -Vittoria Handmade Italian Cycling Shoes

Our best selling cycling shoe, and a firm favourite with the Pedal Pedlar staff. Handmade in Italy to replicate the design of their original shoes from 30 years ago, but now using modern materials. The upper is made from microfibre whilst the sole is stiff nylon. Available with a choice of soles; the classic 3-hole version to fit Look & Shimano clipless pedals or to take the cleats supplied to fit normal quill pedals, or the modern recessed SPD version to take Shimano MTB-type pedals. 

4 - Pelago Multi-Tools

Pelago Model 8 & 12 Multitools at Pedal Pedlar

These handy little multi-tools from Pelago of Helsinki are things of beauty. They come in 2 sizes; Model 8 featuring allen keys & screwdrivers & Model 12 with the added bonus of a corkscrew, bottle opener & spoke keys. The tools themselves are of the highest quality, and the wood finish is exquisite. A great present for anyone who owns a bike and/or a bottle of wine.

5 - Outsiders Book by Francesco Ricci

Outsiders Cycling Jersey Book by Francesco Ricci at Pedal Pedlar

A stunning book showcasing 20 iconic cycling jerseys worn by 20 historical riders. Riders who were mostly underdogs & each one with their own unique story. The photography does each story justice, making it a winner with fans of both design & history. 

6 - De Marchi Heritage Woollen Jerseys

De Marchi Heritage Woollen Cycling Jerseys at Pedal Pedlar

Our favourite cycling jerseys, and we're not just saying that because we sell them. They really are the best out there. De Marchi's Heritage range features an array of designs based on jerseys worn by iconic cycling figures, mostly to monumental victories. From Sean Kelly's national jersey to Eddy Merckx' classic 1970 Faema kit. Yes, they come with a rich price tag, but they're worth every penny. Made from the finest merino wool blend they're incredibly comfortable to wear in every season. Each jersey comes carefully presented in a cardboard box for safe storage before the big day.

7 - Vittoria Zip Bottle Carry Case

Vittoria Zip Bottle Carry Case at Pedal Pedlar

We may adorn the walls with retro wares in the Pedal Pedlar shop, but that doesn't mean we don't appreciate a bit of modern ingenuity. This is a great example from Vittoria of Italy. A bag disguised as a water bottle. The case fits snugly into your bottle cage & has ample room for tools, tubes, nutrition bars or whatever you want to put in there. A fantastic gift for a tenner, you could even use it instead of a stocking & fill it with the essentials for bonus points.

8 - Campagnolo 'Big' Corkscrew

Campagnolo Big Corkscrew in Silver or Bronze at Pedal Pedlar

Q) What do you give to the person who has everything?

A) The Campagnolo 'Big' Corkscrew.

If they already have one of these then you may as well give in. The Campagnolo corkscrew is an amazing thing. Excessive, sure, but it's a sure-fire show-stopper, and one that will most certainly light up any cyclist's eyes when they unwrap this beast on christmas day.

9 - Pro Cycling Trumps - Legends Edition

Pro Cycling Top Trumps - Legends Edition at Pedal Pedlar

Another great stocking filler. A nicely illustrated set of Top Trumps cards featuring 52 of the greatest cyclists of all time. A history lesson & game in one card-sized box. Winner.


10 - Retro Cycling Socks

Retro Cycling Socks in 4 Designs at Pedal Pedlar

No christmas list would be complete without socks, and as far as we know these are only available at Pedal Pedlar. Designed with a retro feel, they're made from a comfy cotton/poly blend & come in 2 sizes with a choice of 4 designs, including a snazzy King of the Mountains polka-dot option which is probably our favourite.

There you have it, we hope you feel inspired. If not then check back next week for another 10 gift ideas.

All these items are available in our London shop located at 106 Balls Pond Road, N1 4AG. Or we can ship worldwide:

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Pedal Pedlar
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