Steel Frame Building with Tom Ritchey - Old Skool x New School

Steel Frame Building with Tom Ritchey - Old Skool x New School

by Pedal Pedlar February 05, 2017

If you follow us on facebook & Twitter, you've probably already seen this, but it's such a great film we wanted to make sure everybody gets a chance to watch it.

In September 2016, cycling legend & master frame-builder Tom Ritchey paid a visit to The Bicycle Academy for the 1st in a series of events called Old Skool x New School. The series aims to bring together icons from the golden era of cycling with figures from the ever-increasing new wave of frame-builders.

The 13 minute film gives an insight into Tom's vast experience brazing steel over the years, in particular the fillet-brazing techniques he's developed that allow speed & efficiency without any loss in detail, comparing his techniques with those of the Bicycle Academy guys. It's over far too quickly, and leaves you feeling rather jealous you weren't there, but the footage provides just enough to ease the envy.

Head over to The Bicycle Academy to check out the great things they're doing over in Somerset, but if you haven't already, take 13 minutes to watch the video before you do anything else. That's an order :) 

Old Skool x New School - Tom Ritchey from The Bicycle Academy on Vimeo.

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