New Old Stock Week

We had a very rare opportunity to pick up a batch of new old stock vintage Motobecane & Gitane bicycles STILL IN THEIR WRAPPING! This week we've had a lot of fun unveiling the beauty that lies within and there were some absolute gems underneath that plastic wrap.

Most appear to be from the late 1970s, kicking off with 3 Motobecane Modele Diffusions in various sizes:

Then there were a couple of Gitanes built from 888 Durifort lightweight tubing. Again, late 1970s and available in 2 colour options:

These were already on the site but we just photographed them again to show them off with some better shots. These are seriously sexy Gitanes from the around 1978, and seem to the Super Sprint models, built using Reynolds 531 for the main tubes:

There are also some other NOS beauties on the bikes for sale page, from Bridgestone & Batavus - updated photographs of those will be ready next week, and we also have a few more NOS Motobecane racers to unpack still! watch this space....

Pedal Pedlar
Pedal Pedlar


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