Tufo S22 Classic 700c/28" x 21 mm Road Tubular Tyre

✓ Original tyre - produced in the 2000s
✓ Thoroughly checked over
✓ Worldwide shipping

Tufo S22 tubular/sprint tyre, hailing from Czechia in production during the 2000s. Made from rubber and weighing in at 289 grams. A fine choice for keeping your classic bike authentic, but also great for any other compatible bike too.

The tyre's been checked for general wear, that it's holding air as expected and graded as excellent condition, but do take a good look at the detailed photos so you can see the cosmetic condition before you buy.

NB: Most tubular tyres use lightweight latex tubes that lose air over the course of a few days so will need re-inflating regularly. If mounted in the photos this is for illustrative purpose only, any wheels or rims shown are not included.


Condition - Excellent
Production Era - 2000s
Country - Czech
Material - Rubber
Weight - 289 g
Stock Code - U-TY-T34C


Tubular Wheel Size* - 700c/28" (Standard/Full Size)
Width - 21 mm
Bike Type - Road
Valve Core - Removable

*See help section.


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Tubular Wheel Size - standard/full size tubulars only come in one wheel size, these are often referred to as 28" or 700c (sometimes even 27"). These are all the same size, the next size down is 26", so any wheel larger than 26" will take a standard/full size tubular.

Width - the width of the tyre as stated by the manufacturer (if present), if there are no markings we measure at the widest point when fully inflated. Depending on the manufacturer, the stated width can differ slightly from the actual width when measured, although usually this only minimal.

Bike Type - the type of bike the tyre was designed to be used on. Road tyres will generally be narrow with minimal tread whereas cyclocross tyres will be wider with a more pronounced tread pattern, and MTB tyres even more so.

Casing - the main structure of the tyre that surrounds the inner tube and provides the base for the rubber tread. Most tubulars have cotton casings but other materials are used such as nylon, kevlar or silk. We can’t always provide this information as it’s not always possible to know for sure.

TPI - stands for threads per inch and refers to the thread count of the casing, if known. A high thread count usually means a more supple and lighter tyre, this can be anything as high as 320 tpi.

Valve Core - some valve cores are removable allowing you to add sealant or valve extenders, if the valve cores are fixed this is not possible.