L'Eroica Britannia 2015

L'Eroica Britannia 2015

by Pedal Pedlar February 13, 2015

Today we'll be securing our place at this year's L'Eroica Britannia. We're very excited to finally make it, as last year we had to pull out due to shop commitments, but this year we'll be there in full force. Of course we know you guys are also incredibly excited, and we're amazed at how keen people have been already. The bikes are already flying out to participants, with some wonderful machines being shipped worldwide to people coming from all corners to take part in the event, so we're looking forward to meeting our customers with their machines in the summer.

On that note, here's the official film from the 1st event, made by one of our customers, Mat Pennel from Furnace Media.

We'll be there with our wares, hopefully lots of them, and we also hope to have a team assembled to take part in the ride. If you'd be interested in signing up for Team Pedal Pedlar then drop us an email. We'll work out logistics shortly but feel free to get in touch anytime.

If you are looking for a vintage bike that complies with L'Eroica rules, we've created a sub-section of the site that only contains 'heroic' bikes that are allowed to enter the event. You can see all the bikes here.

Here's a selection of our favourite Eroica bicycles currently available for sale on the site:

1978 Colnago Super:

1978 Colnago Super for L'Eroica Britannia


Early 1980s Daccordi Turbo:

52cm Daccordi Turbo Early 1980s Racer for L'Eroica Britannia

Early 80s Gazelle Champion Mondial:

53cm Gazelle Champion Monidal for L'Eroica Britannia

Mid-1970s Diamant Belgian Racer:

Late 70s/Early 80s Bottecchia:

 1978 Koga Miyata MXR:

Finally... Early 80s Alan Super Record:

Full Eroica section can be found here: http://www.pedalpedlar.co.uk/collections/eroica

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