Eroica Britannia 2015: T'Eroica

Eroica Britannia 2015: T'Eroica

by Pedal Pedlar July 24, 2015

It seems a distant memory now. A memory we're desperately trying to hold on to, especially as the rain pours down in London. Sure, the weather wasn't as good as Eroica 2014, nor was it ever going to be as hot as the Italian 'L'Eroica', but it stayed mostly dry and for that we can be grateful.

Albeit a delayed post, but we've been rushed off our feet since the moment we got back, so we've only just had chance to put fingers to keyboard and reflect upon what can only be described as 'a belter'.

Wesley Hatakeyama – Eroica California – Event Director

It really was an exceptional weekend in a stunning part of the world, and like many we simply cannot wait for next year. What we enjoyed particularly (aside from the obvious array of exquisite classic bikes on display), was getting the chance to meet so many wonderful people, especially customers who've bought bikes & parts from us online and we've never had the pleasure of meeting. Some go as far back as 2010 when we were first starting out, which in the context of an event with a time period spanning over the best part of a century seems a little insignificant, but to us this meant a lot.

The Team (From Left to Right): Tom, Wayne, Cameron

De Marchi Great Britain Merino Wool Cycling Jersey
Perfect Eroica Clobber - De Marchi Great Britain Wool Jersey

Fast forward 5 years and our team is constantly evolving. Many plans are on the horizon, including some particularly exciting collaborations with some very talented people. Which brings us nicely on to the introduction of a photographer friend of ours, Mr Michael Drummond.

Michael, or 'Mike' as he's rather inventively known by his friends, is a London based photographer with a particular knack for taking ruddy good portraits of wonderful people and the beauty that surrounds them. He's worked with an impressive spread of brands, such as Investors in People, Bulldog Men's Cosmetics, The Ragged Priest & Natural Selection Denim to name just a few.

Mike is also a life-long mad-keen cyclist, albeit one that rides those funny little BMX bike things, but regardless of the size of his wheels we share not only a passion for all things bicycle, but also an appreciation of the aesthetic side of cycling. In a nutshell, Mike likes bikes.

So when we propositioned him with the opportunity to jump into one of our suitcases and time travel up to Bakewell, with nothing but the promise of some local tarts (waheeey) & the guarantee of some very average weather, naturally he gave us a firm 'sure' and a reluctant nod of the head.

Needless to say, the photographs he took during the weekend were just wonderful. If you hadn't guessed, the shots scattered above and below the text you're reading right now were all taken by Michael Drummond at Eroica Britannia 2015. If you find yourself saying things like 'oh wow I like that one' or 'gee that's a really nice shot' then can we suggest you head over to his portfolio here. He really is good, and we're not just saying that because he worked with us. We're saying it because it's real.

Best Bike in Show

Gian Bohan - Eroica Britannia

The View from our Tent

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Pedal Pedlar
Pedal Pedlar


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