Heta Sport Vintage White 50 - 55 cm Frame Fit Bike Pump

✓ Original pump - in production from the 1970s to the 1980s
✓ Suitable for historic cycling events such as L'Eroica
✓ Checked & tested
✓ Worldwide shipping

Heta Sport bicycle pump, hailing from Spain and in production from the 1970s to the 1980s. An excellent choice for vintage cycling enthusiasts, but great for cyclists of the non-vintage variety too!

If you're taking part in L'Eroica or any other vintage event, this is fully compliant - so rest assured, the pre-1987 police won't lock you up for having the wrong pump!

The pump's been thoroughly checked, tested and graded as good condition, but do take a good look at the detailed photos so you can see the cosmetic condition before you buy.


Condition - Good
Production Era - 1970s & 1980s
Country - Spanish
Material - Plastic
Weight - 151 g
Stock Code - U-PM-F2V


Colour* - White
Valve Type - Presta
Pump Mount Type - Frame Fit (With Peg Hole at Handle End)
Mount Location** - Seat Tube
Length (Min-Max) - 50 - 55 cm

*The colour description is just a guide, please check the photos too as we make sure these are as close to the true colour as possible.

**See help section.


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Valve Type - there are 3 types of valves; Presta are thin with a little knurled nut on the end, Schrader are wider (the same as you would find on a car), and the less common Woods (aka "Dunlop"). Pumps designed for Presta valves can be used on Woods valves. Some pumps use hose connectors, these are available for all valve types.

Pump Mount Type - peg fit' pumps require pump pegs or 'umbrella' clips to fit to the frame, 'frame fit 'pumps are designed with curved ends to mount between two tubes (although these often have holes for pegs too). If mounting directly you'll need the correct length to fit your frame, or a clip/peg to hold one end.

Mount Location - frame fit pumps usually mount to the seat tube with the ends compressed between the top and down tube, they can however be mounted on other tubes as long as there's something supporting the handle end. Some head tubes have a little nipple or a small enough gap for under top tube mounting (this can be replcated with a simple strap or cable tie), and of course pump pegs or clips can be fitted anywhere!

Length (Min-Max) - the length of the pump fully compressed and uncompressed, measured at the points of support. The space you to intend to mount the pump should be within 1 cm of the minimum or maximum length to allow the pump to be securely mounted and dismounted.