Christmas Gifts for Cyclists Part 2

Christmas Gifts for Cyclists Part 2

by Pedal Pedlar December 10, 2016

Christmas Gifts for Cyclist at Pedal Pedlar Vintage Cycling

The big day is approaching pretty darn fast, and if you're anything like us you probably still have most of your presents to buy. So, following on from Gift Guide No.1 we have another 10 christmas gift ideas that are all available to buy right here, or in our London bike shop.

If you prefer to peruse the virtual shelves yourself, we do have a full gift section. If not, here are 10 ideas on the house...

1 - Classic Team Cycling Caps

Retro Cycling Caps in Various Team Designs at Pedal Pedlar

Our all time best seller. Made in Italy by the original cotton cap maker. Available in pretty much every team design from the 1960s through to the 1990s, so you're sure to be able to find one for just about any giftee. They're one size fits all too so they really are a no-brainer.

2 - Campagnolo Enamel Sign

Campagnolo Shield Logo Enamel Tin Wall Sign at Pedal Pedlar

There's always someone on the list who's a nightmare to buy for. Don't worry, we have you covered.

These enamel signs from Campagnolo are here to save the day. Perfect for vintage bike lovers, but also great for anyone who appreciates the history of the mighty Italian brand. Sporting the iconic shield logo which was introduced in 1983 to mark Campagnolo's 50th Anniversary, these will look great on any cyclist's wall.

3 - Cinelli Espresso Cups

Cinelli C Logo Itlian Espresso Coffee Cups & Saucers Set at Pedal Pedlar

Hall & Oates. Bert & Ernie. Wham! Some things are just meant to be together. Add cycling & coffee to that list, and whilst you're wrtiting lists, add these Cinelli espress cups to your christmas one. Sporting the famous Cinelli 'C' logo on one side & their smiley face on the saucer. Dead cute.

4 - Retro Wicker Baskets

Retro Wicker Baskets for Vintage Town Bikes at Pedal Pedlar

A real practical one this, but good looking nonetheless. Not too much to say here, it's a classic wicker basket. The receiver, after unwrapping of course, attaches it to their bike & fills it with stuff. Brownie points for ticking the useful box (or basket if you will).

5 - Deco Siren with Microphone

Deco 3-Tone Siren with Microphone for Kids Bikes at Pedal Pedlar

One for the little 'uns. These are new old stock, so you'll be hard pushed to find them anywhere else. They have 3 sound settings; Ambulance, Fire Engine & Police siren. All guaranteed to become irritating as heck on christmas day. If somehow they don't, the added microphone sure will. Regardless, they'll keep the kids entertained far beyond the 12 days of christmas.

6 - Classic Bicycle Bells

Retro Bicycle Bells for Classic Town Bicycles at Pedal Pedlar

Bells. They all make a different sound, some are louder than others, some are bigger than others. Most importantly though, all of our bells look great. Choose from silver or brass, both options are super shiny, so perfect if you're buying for a magpie.

7 - Limited Letterpress Prints

Colnago/Mafac Letterpress Ltd Prints by Edward Tuckwell & Thomas Mayo of Sope Collective

These stunning prints were designed & printed by Ed Tuckwell & Thomas Mayo, part of the local Sope Collective. A set of 2 prints, limited to a run of 30 of each. Each colour is defined by a bespoke laser-cut wood plate, then letterpress printed using a vintage German proof press on the finest G.F. Smith stock. We've knocked £20 off the price of these especially for Christmas :)

8 - Campagnolo Chainstay Protectors

Campagnolo NOS Chainstay Protector for Classic & Vintage Bikes

Another of our best selling items, these are genuine New Old Stock & are no longer produced. We have a bunch of them though, so if you want a nice stocking filler for anyone who appreciates fine Italian components then look no further. Guaranteed nobody else will have bought them one of these.

9 - Pedal Pedlar T-Shirts

Pedal Pedlar Soft Cotton Fair-Wear Foundation T-Shirts

OK so we had to, but at least we put them low down the list. Featuring our P logo, screen printed white on white. We use a local company who supply Continental tees, proud supporters of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), so we know our money's being spent properly. They really are quality tees. Not too thick, not too thin. We like them so much we wear them every day.

10 - Classic Musette Feed Bags

Retro & Vintage Musettes in Classic Team Designs at Pedal Pedlar

Get rid of the classic christmas stocking & replace it with a christmas musette. Any avid cyclist will appreciate that. How practical? We have the Italian made retro musettes in the famous Molteni & Brooklyn team livery that are still made today, but also have a range of genuine vintage musettes too.

So there's another 10 ideas for you. We're always buying new stock, so we may well have another one for you next week. No promises though.

All these items are available in our London shop located at 106 Balls Pond Road, N1 4AG. Or we can ship worldwide:

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